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Banapple + Mr Bean = happy tummy

Tonight’s plan was to go to ATC so I can run an errand. I had to go to the supermarket to buy certain stuff. I wanted to watch The Avengers since I haven’t watched it yet, but I had no company. Instead, my village friends asked if I wanted to have dinner with them. Since my sister would be out, I said yes.

After going to the supermarket, buying a shirt (haha! might talk about that some other time.) and buying load for my sister, I went to meet my friends Paolo and Daniel at Banapple. Banapple is known for its desserts but I recently found out that they also sell meals: salad, sandwiches and meat dishes. We all ordered chicken dishes. They ordered the Chicken Parmigiana one while I ordered the chicken with bacon and creamy sauce (I actually forgot the name. haha!) and homemade iced tea. For 175 pesos, the dish was satisfying. Paolo did point out that it was very tasty or malasa. It was kind of tasty, maybe a little salty, but it was still good. The homemade iced tea, 60 pesos, was very good. It was sweet but when the ice melted, it tasted better. I was full when we all decided that we wanted dessert or something sweet. We wanted cakes and pies from there but we knew that our tummies won’t be up for it.

We checked the stores near Banapple specifically Breadtalk Transit and Mr Bean. These stores just opened this week. How cool is ATC now? Haha! Paolo and I wanted to buy from Breadtalk but when we saw Daniel inside Mr Bean, we decided to go to him.

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